Nutella Ferrero Chocolate Hazelnut Glass JAR 350 gm (Turkiye)

Code: CHOCJAR002
  • Place of Origin: Turkiye
  • Country of Manufacture: Turkiye,
  • Type: Nutella,
  • Net Weight: 350gm,
  • Brand: Ferrero
  • Packaging: Glass Jar

৳ 630.00 ৳ 475.00

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NUTELLA Ferrero Chocolate Hazelnut Spread IN GLASS JAR 630g AUTHENTIC FROM Turkiye Nutella is a tasty and healthy natural food product – free from artificial preservatives or colors and has no cholesterol. A taste sensation in many parts of the world. The carefully crafted combination of hazelnuts, cocoa and skim milk powder make a terrific soft, creamy spread for bread, a flavorful substitute for peanut butter, or a sweet indulgence with your morning cup of coffee. Turkiye cuisine.

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